Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Penguins vs Polka Dots

I don't know about anyone else but when I was younger, I loved Pingu. Honestly, as my five year old self there was nothing more exciting than watching a programme about a bunch of plasticine penguins who spoke an incoherent language.

This Pingu-themed nostalgia trip influenced my latest nail art offering:

I also threw in some polka dots because, well, I like polka dots (I'm preeeetty deep, I know!).

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Halloween Nails

Here are my Halloween-themed nails from last week:

Right Hand

Left Hand

I used nail decals for the pumpkin faces and sugar skulls which I'd bought from Etsy. The nail decals are so easy to use and look really effective, they're also cheap which is just an added bonus! I did the Frankenstein's monster faces, blood drip, and 'BOO' all freehand, using a mixture of my Wah Nail Art pen, red and white nail polishes and a dotting tool. These Halloween nails are definitely one of my favourite nail designs so far as they were so easy and quick, they also look pretty decent which makes me love them all the more! 

.........GRRR. ARGH.

That Awkward Moment When No One Else Is In Fancy Dress.........

Happy (Belated) Halloween!

So my friends and I went out for Halloween last week in fancy dress. We figured that as it was a Halloween themed night at the club and that there was a 'best costume' competition that everyone would be in fancy dress................but they weren't. Don't get me wrong, there was the odd person in fancy dress but no more than the lone, odd person. So there we were covered in our fake blood and wearing our Halloween inspired outfits whilst everyone else was in their standard Saturday night going out clothes. And do you know what's worse? NOT ONE OF US EVEN WON THE 'BEST COSTUME' COMPETITION. Not that we were bothered or anything. I mean, who needs an iPad, right?!

Nonetheless it was still a good night, well, I mean the music was shockingly bad and, as is usual for that club, ridiculously loud, to the point of which my ears were still ringing 3 days after and felt like that there was a good chance that they would drop off. But we still had fun - even if we looked stupid, and it gave me another opportunity to recycle my True Blood costume which I'm determined to get my money's worth out of! Plus fake blood is always fun and by fun I mean extremely gross and goes absolutely EVERYWHERE. As does glitter hairspray, just, you know, FYI and all that.

A few of my friends and I also decided to go to Tulley's Farm Shocktober Fest which was just an allround bad decision for someone like me. If you don't like people jumping out at you dressed as zombies, creepy clowns or crazy chainsaw people then it's probably not for you (something that I wish I'd known beforehand!). I have never screamed so much before in my life. We had to go round this 'haunted' cellar with people jumping out at us, but obviously dressed in horrible costumes, I pretty much had my eyes shut the entire time because I am terrified of EVERYTHING. We ended up doing a haunted hayride and going round the 'creepy cottage' as well, both of which evoked an unnecessary amount of screaming from me. I have to say that even though I was frightened the entire time, I would consider doing it again next year because as frightening it was, it was also fun.............but then again don't hold me to that, ok?

I also did some Halloween themed nail art which will follow after this post, so check it out!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Graduating Unicorn-Stylee

So Graduation was on Monday. Yes, that's right, those three long, painful, stressful years of my life are over. No more 3000 word assignments, no more dissertations, I'm finally freeeeeee................to get a job. And the fun's offically over. No more ridiculously long holidays, no more nights out mid-week, no more staying up until 3 in the morning with your housemate watching Hot Rod, and worst of all? No more student discount! Goodbye Mr. 10% (and occasionally 20%) Topshop discount, it was fun while it lasted and I wish we could stay friends but honestly you've broken my heart, don't call me, it'll be easier that way for both of us.

I genuinely don't think I've ever been as nervous in my entire life as I was yesterday. The idea of standing up infront of everyone, on a stage, with everyone looking at me is pretty much my worst nightmare. Add to that the fear of tripping up on stage (which ever since seeing some poor girl do exactly that at my brother's graduation a couple of years ago has haunted me ever since so whenever I imagined graduating myself, I always imagined it with me tripping up on stage and let me tell you, the imagined version of myself did not cope with that situation very well at all). Anyway, thankfully I didn't trip over on stage, in fact I would say if anything, I glided, like a unicorn, a unicorn in a graduation gown. Although I'm pretty sure in reality I glided a little less like a unicorn and a lot more like a donkey (note to self: do not watch myself back on the video camera, do not break the unicorn fantasy).

The rest of the graduation ceremony was loooooong. My hands were SO sore and red by the end of it from all the clapping. I even had to come up with a way to 'fake clap' because my hands hurt so much, basically it looked like I was clapping but really I was just lightly touching my hands together so only if you were sitting near me you would know that I wasn't really clapping because it was making no sound.

I had this image in my head that after my graduation I would immediatey feel mature and finally like an adult, but what was the first thing that I did after graduating? Get a Cath Kidston Christmas mug (it's only October. Whatevs.) & some Disney Princess tissues (which ended up being Graduation gifts from my parents!). This completely destroyed my notion of being Little Miss Mature Graduate, but I would take Disney tissues over being mature any day and if you tell me that you wouldn't then you're probably lying. So don't lie, because nobody likes a liar, not even Pinocchio.

I can't believe how quickly the last three years went and the realisation that I'm finally out of education is such a weird concept. I feel so old. The big, wide world is waiting and that's bloody terrifying but also kind of exciting. So I guess it's time for me to gallop off as my unicorn/donkey self into the sunset and say goodbye to being a student and hello to being, well, whatever it is that I want to be!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Back Again!

Ok, so I'm not going to lie, I had a cheeky little break from blogging over the Summer but I'm back now so yay to that!

I feel that it's only right that I whack in some photos in this post of my nail art over the past couple of months, so here you go:

Summer Inspired Nails :)
More Summer Inspired Nails!
Comic Book Nails
I did these for when I went to the Olympics to see the handball! YAY TEAM GB!
These were for a 'Best of British' fancy dress party that I went to!
Earthquaaaake Nails!

So I have a lot to tell you, first off I have become a complete and utter dip dye addict! Over the past couple of months my hair has transformed from a blonde dip dye to a lavender dip dye to a purple fading into pink dip dye and now I am currently sporting a bubblegum pink/purple dip dye. I am aware however that once I get a job I probably won’t be able to continue the cute dip dye look so I’m making the most of it while I can!

I also had my nails selected by HelloGiggles as their nails of the week which was pretty cool, they put them on their Instagram as well and so far they have currently tallied up 2149 likes! 
Click Me :)

Click Me :)

I was also lucky enough to get tickets to the Olympic handball which was amazing and we got to go around the Olympic Park and go in the Orbit (which had 3D mirrors and the only way to desribe them is through the words of Jay-Z and Kanye West as 'that [rude word] cray!').

I managed to blag tickets to the Olympic Torch Relay Finale as well which was a concert in Hyde Park with Rizzle Kicks, Eliza Doolittle, Katy B & Dizzee Rascal plus some other people but I just can't remember their names right now! The fact that the tickets were free made it all so much better, I love a good freebie! I also did a casual bit of celeb spotting, and by celeb spotting I mean I saw the comedian Ben Elton (the guy who wrote We Will Rock You) on the tube escalators as my friends and I were going down and he was going up and I basically waved like an idiot at him and he did a thumbs up at me which kind of made my life......ok, so yeah I'm easily pleased but what can you do!

I went to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Hackney back in June which was amazing albeit extremely muddy! The tickets were only £2.50 which was a total bargain! Rihanna was the headliner and was ridiculously good as was Tinie Tempah, Ben Howard, Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks, Florence & the Machine, Dizzee Rascal (yep, I've now seen him twice this Summer!), Professor Green, Plan B, Jessie J, B.o.B and Labrinth. Jay-Z joined Rihanna for her set as well which was amazing and marks the second time I've seen him, I saw him when he supported Coldplay at Wembley Stadium and he pretty much converted me into a Jay-Z fan!

I also ended up going to V Festival on the Sunday on kind of a last minute whim with my mates. It was bloody great but oh my gooooodness the state of the port-a-loos were, as you'd expect at a festival, disgusting, no matter how many times I prepare myself for them they never fail to gross me out! Jeez, I'm such a girl! The amount of people throwing their bottles of what I hope was beer (but potentially could have been pee......but I like to tell myself that it was just beer so shhhhhh!) was ridiculous but you kind of just have to not think about it otherwise there's a good chance that you'll end up freaking out! My friends and I had a test where if you felt liquid fall on you and it was cold then it was beer but if it was warm......well.......go figure! Anyway, The Killers were the headliners which I was a bit unsure about as I loved their first album but had since gone off them......but not anymore my friends, I'm now back to loving The Killers! Their set was mindblowing and they fully reverted me back to being a Killers fan.........not to mention Brandon Flowers was looking beaut! We also saw Olly Murs, Tom Jones (babe!), Tinie Tempah (yep, seen him twice this Summer now!), Rita Ora, Snow Patrol (who were brilliant. Obviously.) and Madness as well as snippets of other bands/singers. 

Oh and I also saw Coldplay at the Emirates Stadium at the beginning of June and as expected they were flippin' brilliant! It's my second time seeing Coldplay, I saw them a couple of years ago at Wembley Stadium when they were supported by Jay-Z (which I mentioned earlier in this post!) along with White Lies and Girls Aloud. This time round Coldplay were supported by Marina & the Diamonds and Ash, although my friend and I missed the support acts because we were a teensy bit late but we were on time for Coldplay which was the main thing! Although looking back I'm a little gutted we missed Marina & the Diamonds because I actually really liked her first album and I'm loving her second album at the moment! Even though Coldplay were amazing this time, I think I preferred them the first time around just because they had such great support acts *cough* Jay-Z. Ahem. Anyway I would definitely go see them again, they put on the BEST shows. For reaaaalz. 

SO many lights!
Wow so this is a mega long post, sorry about that! Not much more to add really, got my uni graduation coming up in October (eeeeek!), I won free tickets for the iTunes Festival to see One Direction which I really don't know how I feel about (I basically applied for tickets for everyone playing, even if I wasn't a fan, don't ask me why!). So yeah I'm kind of indifferent about One Direction, I like a couple of their songs....I can't deny that......but I wouldn't exactly say I'm a fan, not that there's anything wrong with being a One Direction Fan, I'm just not one. Yet. But who knows, they may convert me just like The Killers did, anything is possible, right? I'm also going to see Ed Sheeran in October (I think?) in Brighton (again I think?) so I still have a couple more things to look forward to which is nice.

Bloomin' heck it took me a while to write this post!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cupcake and Leopard Print Nail Art

So I meant to blog this nail design a while ago but what with having been crazy busy with uni assignments, an exam and my dissertation, I just completely forgot........until now that is!

The nail design I did was a cupcake design, so here it is:

It was quite fiddly to do but the end result totally made it worth it! It's just a really fun, quirky design which I just loooove! I also shaped my nails into a VERY subtle stiletto nail shape, so that they're kind of pointy but then rounded off which looked cool but I got fed up of that and have now reverted back to a more normal, natural shaped nail.

My nails this week are lilac with black leopard print and a purpley blue French tip:

 I've never done this design before but I really love it and will definitely be doing it again!

I'm currently blinking like a crazy person as I'm typing this post because for the last couple of days I've felt like I've had something in my eye and it's pretty uncomfortable, I was going to go to the doctors today but I thought it felt ok this morning & assumed that it was all better but it turns out I was wrong because it's started hurting again. So it looks like I'm going to have to hit up the doctors tomorrow, although the idea of someone touching my eye or going anywhere near it completely freaks/grosses me out! Fun times!

Blog Challenge

Sooooo I've just been given a blog challenge where I have to answer 10 questions given to me. I mean, I've never done this before so let's just go with it, ok?

1. What would be your superhero power?
Well, I would love to say 'flying' but seeing as I'm scared of heights it's probably not the best way to go so I guess that I'm leaning more towards 'super speed'. I'm always late for EVERYTHING and 'super speed' would mean I'd be ready and out the door in a speedy blur. Also, I guess it'd come in pretty handy for saving the world or some crazy stuff like that.  

2. Your favorite movie star?
Probably Zooey Deschanel because she's kind of quirky. Or Ryan Gosling because he has a pretty face.

3. Where would you build your house?
In my parents' backgarden just for the lols.  

4. What are you gonna do tomorrow?
Pack and begin the moving out process. I'm not going to lie, I'm dreading it because I HATE packing. 

5. A good name for a new blog?
'Get Your Blog Out For The Lads'. Haha, I don't know.

6. What is the last cool place you went to?
The Emirates Stadium to see Coldplay. No big deal. 

7. If you were an animal, what would it be?
A cat. Obviously. They sleep all day, get fed & are ridiculously cute, pretty sweet life if you ask me. 

8. What are you afraid of?

9. What inspires you?
Whooooa deep question. Maybe laughter? I don't really know to be honest, I guess it would kind of depend what mood I'm in. 

10. How would you describe your childhood?
Badass. I think that I had a pretty fun time as a kid, Supersoakers and the slippery slide for one thing would make any childhood bloody amazing.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Life Is Ruled By The Jaffa Cake

I have recently rediscovered my love for Jaffa Cakes, in fact it’s gotten so serious that I recently found myself googling what countries sold Jaffa Cakes so that I was able to work out what countries around the world I could live in. I was utterly distressed to find out that they don’t sell Jaffa Cakes in America, so that’s my American Dream over. Neither are they sold In Australia. So that’s two of my dream countries to live in ripped away from me by the brutal reality of a Jaffa Cake-less world, and let me tell you that is one world which I don’t want to be a part of.
I remember the first time I stumbled upon the humble McVities Jaffa Cake, I must have been about six years old at the time and I was at my then best-friend’s house when she offered me one. I looked at it with astonishment, in my six year old eyes it looked like a teeny tiny burger and I thrust it back at her in disgust, simply stating that ‘I don’t like burgers’.  She laughed, I was confused and even more so when she told me that in fact it wasn’t a teeny tiny burger, but it was actually a chocolatey, orangey, cakey biscuit. So with a suspicious and somewhat mistrusting  attitude I carefully took the biscuit back, analysed it, picked it at it a bit, making sure to bide my time in case I was being tricked & it was in fact a burger. Eventually I gave in & stuffed it into my mouth & let me tell you, I probably had about 8 more after that, to the extent of which I felt sick but contentedly so. And that was the moment when I knew that I could not live anywhere where I didn’t have easy access to the Jaffa Cake.

 It makes no sense to me as to why I love them so much, logically I shouldn’t as I hate chocolate and orange as a combination, just the smallest piece of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange is enough to make me wretch. Yet somehow this sweet, innocent little cakey biscuit has completely confused my tastebuds, every part of them is telling them that they shouldn’t like what they’re tasting......but they do, they LOVE it. I can quite easily get through an entire packet of Jaffa Cakes in one sitting, I cannot do that with any other type of biscuit, so that is a big deal for me. I even remember the ‘Full moon, half moon, TOTAL ECLIPSE’ TV advert and how I would always re-enact it whenever I had  a Jaffa Cake, thus making them delicious AND educational (how else would I have learnt the 3 stages of the moon?!).
So, yes, I put my hands up to it – my life is ruled by the Jaffa Cake, but is that really a bad thing? I certainly don’t think so!    

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Back Again

So I had to have a casual break from my blog because I had a little thing called a dissertation to get finished, which is all handed in now thank goodness (not that it wasn't fun & all......yeeeah, that was a joke. It definitely was not fun. Not even a little bit).

Just going to put this out there but if it it wasn't for Will Smith's Lost and Found album circa 2006, I probably would have never finished my dissertation, it honestly was the ONLY thing that kept me sane. 'If U Can't Dance (Slide)' became my favourite track off the album and I am proud to say that I now know all the words to it as well. What more can I say other than: BIG WILL-EHHH!

Anyway, I'm all about 'the blogging' again so some new posts are on their way!

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Uh Oh! I Did My Nails Again!

Um.....so......I painted my nails again last night BUT it was only because I wanted to try out this nail glitter by GOSH Cosmetics which I bought yesterday. So there I was just casually hanging out in Superdrug, as you do, having a browse of the make up and what not when my eyes latched onto this new GOSH product. It's basically a tiny pot with loose glitter in & all you have to do is paint a clear coat of polish on your nail & while it's still wet you put it in the glitter pot so that the glitter sticks to it & then brush off any excess.

This, I figured, seemed simple enough and I love glitter so I was pretty much down with that. However, even though it's fairly simple, I don't know if I could be bothered to do it on all my nails because it is a bit of a hassle. I found that my nail was a bit too long, so I couldn't position it properly in the glitter for it to cover the whole nail so I was having to flick it about & basically it got a bit messy/fiddly. The glitter does tend to go everywhere so you do need to make sure you do it over some paper or kitchen roll or something. The effect does look great though and just one nail I can probably cope with but doing all my nails would probably have destroyed me a little bit because I can totally see myself getting all in a glittery mess with it.

Here's how it looks though (apologies for camera quality again):
The glitter effect is on my ring finger, just, you know, FYI & all that.
 I couldn't be bothered to do the glitter on my other hand (look, I'm lazy, ok?!), so instead I did a stripey patterned design on my ring finger because I'm sad AWESOME. So here you go:

I wonder how long I last before I feel the need to paint my nails again? I give it 48 hours!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Happy Hunger Games!

In honour of The Hunger Games being released today, I have gone for a Hunger Games-esque nail design. Basically, they're kind of 'girl on fire' inspired nails, so here's how they're looking:

Yeah, so my webcam photo's aren't great but basically, I've gone for a black nail varnish as my base colour and then I used an orange nail varnish to draw fire/a flame on the nails and then added some yellow to the centre of the flame and then some more orange, just to make it look super fiery. I then used a gold nail polish and painted on French tips and put on a light glitter top coat to give them a subtle sparkle.

Yes, I know, I spend way too much time painting my nails but I am also currently doing my dissertation so this is a great way to procrastinate/not actually do any work.

I just need to go see The Hunger Games now, although I have to wait until next weekend because I have too much work on at the moment, my life basically consists of eat, sleep and go to the library, oh yeah, and watch Pretty Little Liars (but let's keep that one on the DL, ok?)!

Anyway, Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favour! (that sounded a lot cooler in my head *sigh*).

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hey, Guess What? I'm 22 And I Still Miss My Cat

Today marks six months since my cat passed away and I honestly can't believe how long it's been. Some people may not get it, most likely people who have never had a pet, but I have found it pretty hard getting over the loss of my cat.

I got her when I was seven just coming up to eight and she was a part of my childhood, teen years and early adulthood, she was a huge chapter of my life. Unfortunately all chapters have to come to an end and that's probably the hardest part because deep down we convince ourselves that the chapter will never end but sadly, the end is inevitable.

I don't want to make this post too sad because there's no need for it to be. I know that I will never forget Dasher, she was my first ever cat, my first ever proper pet, she was there for me when school was too much, friends were being mean and my parents were annoyed at me, she was my constant - and I'll always miss that.

She was also ridiculously cute with the most amazingly quirky personality, from having her 'crazy episodes', where for no reason she would just start randomly running up and down the stairs, to working out how to open doors, no big deal but she was kind of a genius. She wasn't the most affectionate cat and definitely not a lap cat, she was born a stray so it wasn't really in her nature but it just meant that when she did show affection, it counted more to me. I remember last summer when I was feeling particularly down after a difficult day and it was completely out of character for her but she jumped up next to me on the sofa and snuggled up against my leg and fell asleep, she did this two nights in a row, two nights when I'd been feeling rubbish. Another time was when I came home from uni and I'd been feeling quite homesick that week and she jumped up on the sofa again and fell asleep against me with her paw over me. It's little things like that which mean more when they don't normally happen.

Anyway, I may be 22 and expected to act all mature and stuff but honestly? I miss my cat a lot and I don't think I'll ever stop missing her. I'm just thankful that she was my family's cat and that I got to have her in my life. She was, quite simply, the best cat ever.

Pope Cat. I was bored. She was unimpressed.


Sleeping like a people. How is that even comfortable?

Best cat ever? I THINK SO!

Nails For This Week

And my nails for this week are looking like this:



Yes, I still haven't got round to buying a decent camera yet but trust me I'm working on it, but for now the webcam will just have to do!

Thursday, 15 March 2012

More Nails Folks!

I normally tend to only paint my nails once a week but due to being massively bored tonight & with the prospect of uni work just seeming too much hassle for a Thursday night, I decided to crack out some nail art!

Here's the transfers which I created:

Before being cut out!

Ready for application!
And here's how they turned out (I took all these pics on my webcam which is why the images aren't great quality as I don't have a camera BUT I plan on buying one very soon, so sit tight!):



The blue glitter paint splodge design is my favourite I think, but the tiny hearts are equally as cute, so I would say that this was a relative success. I now just need to wait for them to fully dry so I can go to bed. Why must I always paint my nails late at night?! 

One last thing - a man working in Tesco today was complimenting me on my Pac-Man nail design (click here to see my Pac-Man nail design blog post) which was nice, he seemed to know a lot about nail technicians which was....unexpected. Either way, he was clearly a fan of nail art.....or Pac-Man? I'm still not quite sure which one!  

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Things That I Want, Which Means I Need Them Right?

Why is it that whenever you have no money that you ALWAYS end up finding things that you really want and need (even though deep down on a more rational level, you are very much aware that you don't actually need them as such, they're just super pretty!).

Anyway here's what my irrational brain is telling me that I need at the moment:

I'm loving this purple/gold/orange colour block dress at the moment. It's the perfect length, not too short and not too long, it has a little cut out section in the middle, but only a tiny one, it's very simple and understated which is exactly what I like in a dress. Colour block is still very much in as well, so that's always good to know!

Bralets are still a key look at the moment hence why I can't get enough of this wet look/faux leather (pleather?) bralet. It would really look cute paired with a maxi skirt, I would probably avoid wearing it with a mini/bodycon skirt because you could end up in slightly tacky territory, but you could probably get away wearing it with some vintage Levi 501 cut off jean shorts and a plaid shirt wacked on top. So it'd be a winning combination with either a maxi skirt or high waisted jean shorts. I'm in!

The wedge high-top trainers are probably my favourite style of shoe that I've seen in a long time. They would look great with some leggings, a plain tee and a blazer, perfect for a laid back yet fun and quirky look.

I can't get enough of tees with rolled up sleeves and I'm a sucker for a slogan, they look great with leggings, skirts, shorts, anything! This particular one has a dinosaur 'painting-by-numbers' image on it & on the back it says 'Do you think he Saurus...?' - a t-shirt & a joke all in one? I'M SOLD.

Finally, the blue and white floral dress is a great all-rounder. You can dress up it for a night out or special event or keep it casual and wear it during the day. It's a perfect summer dress and you can never go wrong with a skater dress, that is the truth for suuuure.

So now that I've picked my favourite items around at the moment I just need to work on a way to find some money so that I can actually buy them because no matter what anyone says, I do NEED them........just not quite as much as I need to buy food for example, but they're certainly in close competition right now!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Pac-Man Nails

So I literally just deleted this blog post by accident because I am ridiculously smooth and have had to write it all again. Anyway, I'll try my best to rewrite what was written whilst I continue to cry over the forever deleted orignal version of this post.

I LOVE these Pac-Man style nails, I was always scared of the Pac-Man ghosts when I was younger, I would be playing the game on the family computer and have to quit it the moment the ghosts started to chase me. In case you were wondering - I hated being chased back then. However, I decided to get over this childhood Pac-Man ghost phobia of mine by creating these Pac-Man inspired nails, and I have to say, if anything? The ghosts look kind of cute..................although I have tested myself by playing Pac-Man just a minute ago and I still can't play it for very long, turns out I still don't like being chased very much.....even if it's on a retro arcade game!

I actually got a compliment from a man working in Tesco's when I was sporting these nails which was bizarre because he really did not seem like the kind of guy to notice or be in to nail art but he was pretty knowledgeable about it all, which just goes to show that you should never judge a book by it's cover, I guess.

Anyway, this nail art may not have fixed my irrational Pac-Man ghost phobia but at least they look quirky enough to get the odd compliment which, for now, will just have to do!


Wednesday, 7 March 2012

More Nails

So this is how my nails have been looking over the last couple of weeks:



Yep, in case you were wondering I am definitely addicted to nail art. But I'm ok with that as long as it means my nails look pretty.

When People Bug You

So, what do you do when certain people in your life start to bug you? Whether you've just met them or have known them for years, whether they're friends or family, everyone has had to deal with someone who just gets on their nerves. For me, I can't stand people who talk down to me, patronise me, talk about themselves non stop, who are condescending, who copy me (and by this I mean those who nick your ideas and make out like they're their own), want to be involved in everything, talk over me and shout me down, make fun of me but in a nasty way (which believe me, happens an awful lot because I never say anything back because for some bizarre reason I'm worried about hurting THEIR feelings when they haven't given a second thought to hurting mine. Ironic, huh?), people who make you feel like rubbish just to feel a bit better about themselves, people who are bitchy, people who are uncomfortably competitive - life isn't a competition FYI and to be quite honest I could go on but I won't because let's face it we all know people who have these characteristics, I for one can attest to the fact that each one of these annoying characteristics I have discovered from my own personal experience of some semblance of a social life. Wow that was a very long sentence. And.....breathe.

Normally I can let things go and most of the time I do, but the truth is life is short and I can't help but wonder what is the point of continuing to pursue relationships with these people if all they ever do is make me feel rubbish, stress me out and bring me down? And the most logical answer is, that there is no point and logically speaking I should probably cut them out of my life. However, despite acknowledging this, I know I won't and I can't explain why, perhaps a part of me thinks that one day maybe they'll change and grow out of it, who knows? All I can do right now is focus on those in my life who make me happy and who I can laugh with, those are the ones I feel lucky to know, those are the ones who keep me sane when the other ones try so hard to make me insane. Those are the ones for keeps.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Look At Me Mum! I Have A Sock In My Bun!

Believe it or not, there is a sock in that bun. Yep. A sock.

I came across the sock bun idea on a feature on HelloGiggles and basically it is pretty much the best thing ever. It's cheap, it's quick and it looks flippin' great.

In fact, I loved the idea so much that I tweeted HelloGiggles who went on to retweet me which made me even more happy!

Here is the link to the HelloGiggles article which I stumbled upon and which has consequently change my life for the better -http://hellogiggles.com/diy-sock-bun

So to sum up, socks were obviously invented for your hair & not your feet. Bet you feel pretty stupid now. Just sayin'.

Monday, 20 February 2012

Fancy Nails!

I've recently started making my own nail transfers which I think I've already mentioned in a previous post. I genuinely can't get over what a good idea it is, especially for people like me who aren't blessed with a steady hand when it comes to painting nails, it turns out that I'm the least ambidextrous person in the entire universe!

Anyway here's my nails from last week:

I personally love the googly eyed design! Oh, and the tuxedos! Hence why all my nails are teeny tiny tuxedos this week:

Let's be honest now, EVERYBODY loves Raymond a teeny tiny tuxedo, AM I RIGHT?!

This will definitely do until I can afford to get my nails done at WAH Nails!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

This isn't how I always look.........sometimes I wear make up & brush my hair

Don't you just hate it that the one time you decide to risk it and pop out to the shops quickly without ANY make up on and your hair in a tangled MESS, that you're guaranteed to bump into pretty much EVERYONE you know.

I guess you have two options when you see someone you recognise: 1) Hide. Keep your eyes on the ground (avoiding any awkward eye contact) and hope that if you can't see them then they can't see you. OR 2) It's too late to hide, they've seen you and you've seen them, you have no choice but to stroll over to them and make small talk. Normally I find the best thing to do is to come up with some excuse for not being able to talk long, such as 'Sorry I'm in a rush, I've left my hair straighteners on and I really don't want to burn the house down.' or something to that effect.

Personally, I like the avoiding option, that way you don't have to explain why you look such a state i.e. have no make up on and crazy-lady hair. However for some reason I'm terrible at avoiding people, I tend to panic and the pushy side of my brain takes over and forces me into walking towards said person whilst the less domineering side of my brain shouts HIDE. I don't know why but when I get caught, I tend to draw even more attention to how awful I look by apologising for it straight away, which just makes everyone uncomfortable because they then have to lie through their teeth and pretend like you look fine, which you both know that you don't.

I would like to say that I've learnt from these constant situations I get myself into and that I never step outside my front door without a made up face and perfectly (or at least near perfect) coiffed hair, but that would be a lie because to be quite honest, I'm lazy. I can't be bothered to spend time making myself look half decent when I'm just popping out to grab some milk or get some Ben & Jerry's ice cream (cookie dough, preferably). So yes, I bring it on myself, but at least I can tell those people that I bump into that this isn't how I always look........sometimes I wear make up and brush my hair................but most of the time I don't.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Boredom Leads To Braiding

I don't know why but for some reason when I'm bored I resort to two things: painting my nails or trying out different hairstyles. So seeing as I was extremely bored this afternoon I decided to try out hair braiding, and by that I don't mean plaits and French braids etc but the hair braids where when you were a little kid and went on holiday to Spain you'd go into the local town in the evening & there would be a hair braiding stall so you'd get your hair braided with threads and beads and basically look like a badass 8 year old. Although there would always be ridiculously long queues, mostly made up of other impatient 8 year olds all wanting a badass hair braid of their own. I never understood why there was only ever one stall when it was clearly so popular? Or at least my 8 year old self never really understood that and I guess my 22 year old self still doesn't really understand it either. Anyway, here's how my hair braid turned out:

Not bad for my first attempt, they last for quite a while as well so I'll probably keep it in for a couple of weeks or until it starts looking a bit tatty or coming undone. I will definitely be doing it again though, I mean for one thing it made me feel summery and like my 8 year old self had just got back from a sunny Spanish holiday (when in reality my 22 year old self hasn't been on a holiday in 2 years. Not that I'm bothered. Not at all. I love hanging out at home in the Summer with nothing to do except look out the window gazing at the despressing rain. So. Much. Fun).

So to sum up, hair braids are great, being 8 years old was great but British Summers are not so great. The end. Great!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How I Spent V-Day This Year

How did I spend Valentine's Day this year I hear you ask? Well let's see, it's one word, two syllables: ALONE.

Well technically I wasn't alone in the evening, I was with my mum watching the Valentine's Day special of Don't Tell The Bride on BBC3 feeling utterly depressed and lame about being on my own at this time of year. It's the one time of year where ALL single people resent all those in relationships. It's also the one time of year where us single people look sadly at the Valentine's Day displays in shops & map out exactly which card we'd choose if we had someone to give it to.....wait, is that just me who does that? Awkwaaaard.

Anyway, rather than get drunk on wine or eat my own body weight in chocolate (both tempting choices), I decided to do the only thing a girl can do to take her mind off her lonely social status. And what may you ask is that which I'm referring to? Why, it's painting my nails of course! DUH!

So not only did I paint my nails, but I also made my own nail art transfers. Chuffed much!?! They're so pretty AND cheap! I mean who doesn't love moustaches, tuxedos and smiley faces! I know I do!

Not bad for my first attempt at DIY nail art transfers! Also notice how there are no love hearts in my designs? That's my shameless attempt at rebelling against Valentine's Day, after all it's just a holiday created so card companies can make heaps of money out of the gullible 'loved-up' consumer, right? I am SO not bitter. Now, would someone PLEASE love me so that I'm not alone next V-Day! That's not desperate, right? Cooooool.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Signed Merch

Guess what arrived today?

MY SIGNED COLDPLAY TOUR PROGRAMME which I ordered along with my tickets back in whatever month they went on sale (I want to say September or October?). Great timing as usual though, the postman rang the doorbell to deliver it but I had literally just stepped out the shower & was pretty much half naked so yeeeah I didn't answer the door because that would have been pretty awkward for everyone involved. Mostly me. And him. Anyway Mr. Postman left the parcel round the side of my house, which I went & collected once I was fully dressed & had no nudity whatsoever about me.

The idea that I get to hold/touch something which has been held or touched by Chris Martin & Co makes me ridiculously happy. Or as I've recently started saying, 'it makes me as happy as a kitten in a room full of catnip'.

I recently have started having a thing about signed merchandise. The December before last, when I turned 21, my parents got me a signed poster of Florence & the Machine as my main present & I got it framed so it looks suuuper pretty!

Then I bought a signed copy of The Wombats latest CD because they're kind of great & it was exactly the same price for a signed CD as it was to download it or buy an unsigned copy so that was actually a pretty good deal if I'm honest.

And finally my Dad got me a signed Alan Partridge (aka Steve Coogan) book which I couldn't even believe he'd got me because I can't think of a more ideal present for me than that signed book! AHA! Yeah I went there, that definitely did just happen, I definitely did just quote Alan Partidge.

I'm not going to lie & try to be all cool about it, one of the main reasons I like signed merch is because it's been touched by that partiular person/band etc who I'm a fan of so it baaaasically means I've touched them. Sort of. Well, not really. I also like to think that maybe in the future it'll be worth a bit more so if I ever have any tiny people (and by that I mean children) then it's something I can pass down to them & it'll be the COOLEST family heir loom EVER. Fact. Even if it isn't worth anything in the future I still stand by the fact that it'll be the best family heir loom pretty much in the entire universe. I mean who wants a diamond necklace when they can have a signed Alan Partridge book? Point made.