Monday, 3 September 2012

Back Again!

Ok, so I'm not going to lie, I had a cheeky little break from blogging over the Summer but I'm back now so yay to that!

I feel that it's only right that I whack in some photos in this post of my nail art over the past couple of months, so here you go:

Summer Inspired Nails :)
More Summer Inspired Nails!
Comic Book Nails
I did these for when I went to the Olympics to see the handball! YAY TEAM GB!
These were for a 'Best of British' fancy dress party that I went to!
Earthquaaaake Nails!

So I have a lot to tell you, first off I have become a complete and utter dip dye addict! Over the past couple of months my hair has transformed from a blonde dip dye to a lavender dip dye to a purple fading into pink dip dye and now I am currently sporting a bubblegum pink/purple dip dye. I am aware however that once I get a job I probably won’t be able to continue the cute dip dye look so I’m making the most of it while I can!

I also had my nails selected by HelloGiggles as their nails of the week which was pretty cool, they put them on their Instagram as well and so far they have currently tallied up 2149 likes! 
Click Me :)

Click Me :)

I was also lucky enough to get tickets to the Olympic handball which was amazing and we got to go around the Olympic Park and go in the Orbit (which had 3D mirrors and the only way to desribe them is through the words of Jay-Z and Kanye West as 'that [rude word] cray!').

I managed to blag tickets to the Olympic Torch Relay Finale as well which was a concert in Hyde Park with Rizzle Kicks, Eliza Doolittle, Katy B & Dizzee Rascal plus some other people but I just can't remember their names right now! The fact that the tickets were free made it all so much better, I love a good freebie! I also did a casual bit of celeb spotting, and by celeb spotting I mean I saw the comedian Ben Elton (the guy who wrote We Will Rock You) on the tube escalators as my friends and I were going down and he was going up and I basically waved like an idiot at him and he did a thumbs up at me which kind of made my life......ok, so yeah I'm easily pleased but what can you do!

I went to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend in Hackney back in June which was amazing albeit extremely muddy! The tickets were only £2.50 which was a total bargain! Rihanna was the headliner and was ridiculously good as was Tinie Tempah, Ben Howard, Lana Del Rey, Azealia Banks, Florence & the Machine, Dizzee Rascal (yep, I've now seen him twice this Summer!), Professor Green, Plan B, Jessie J, B.o.B and Labrinth. Jay-Z joined Rihanna for her set as well which was amazing and marks the second time I've seen him, I saw him when he supported Coldplay at Wembley Stadium and he pretty much converted me into a Jay-Z fan!

I also ended up going to V Festival on the Sunday on kind of a last minute whim with my mates. It was bloody great but oh my gooooodness the state of the port-a-loos were, as you'd expect at a festival, disgusting, no matter how many times I prepare myself for them they never fail to gross me out! Jeez, I'm such a girl! The amount of people throwing their bottles of what I hope was beer (but potentially could have been pee......but I like to tell myself that it was just beer so shhhhhh!) was ridiculous but you kind of just have to not think about it otherwise there's a good chance that you'll end up freaking out! My friends and I had a test where if you felt liquid fall on you and it was cold then it was beer but if it was warm......well.......go figure! Anyway, The Killers were the headliners which I was a bit unsure about as I loved their first album but had since gone off them......but not anymore my friends, I'm now back to loving The Killers! Their set was mindblowing and they fully reverted me back to being a Killers fan.........not to mention Brandon Flowers was looking beaut! We also saw Olly Murs, Tom Jones (babe!), Tinie Tempah (yep, seen him twice this Summer now!), Rita Ora, Snow Patrol (who were brilliant. Obviously.) and Madness as well as snippets of other bands/singers. 

Oh and I also saw Coldplay at the Emirates Stadium at the beginning of June and as expected they were flippin' brilliant! It's my second time seeing Coldplay, I saw them a couple of years ago at Wembley Stadium when they were supported by Jay-Z (which I mentioned earlier in this post!) along with White Lies and Girls Aloud. This time round Coldplay were supported by Marina & the Diamonds and Ash, although my friend and I missed the support acts because we were a teensy bit late but we were on time for Coldplay which was the main thing! Although looking back I'm a little gutted we missed Marina & the Diamonds because I actually really liked her first album and I'm loving her second album at the moment! Even though Coldplay were amazing this time, I think I preferred them the first time around just because they had such great support acts *cough* Jay-Z. Ahem. Anyway I would definitely go see them again, they put on the BEST shows. For reaaaalz. 

SO many lights!
Wow so this is a mega long post, sorry about that! Not much more to add really, got my uni graduation coming up in October (eeeeek!), I won free tickets for the iTunes Festival to see One Direction which I really don't know how I feel about (I basically applied for tickets for everyone playing, even if I wasn't a fan, don't ask me why!). So yeah I'm kind of indifferent about One Direction, I like a couple of their songs....I can't deny that......but I wouldn't exactly say I'm a fan, not that there's anything wrong with being a One Direction Fan, I'm just not one. Yet. But who knows, they may convert me just like The Killers did, anything is possible, right? I'm also going to see Ed Sheeran in October (I think?) in Brighton (again I think?) so I still have a couple more things to look forward to which is nice.

Bloomin' heck it took me a while to write this post!