Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Tale of the Dreaded Spring-Clean

The incident happened last weekend, it was spur of the moment and as if I had been taken over by another being, a more tidy and house-proud being, a being who enjoyed the delights of BHS homeware and a humble teacup lamp.  This 'incident' was so shocking that should you continue to read on then feel free to gasp out loud in astonishment, I won't judge you, in fact, I implore you to gasp out loud as I recount to you......*pause for dramatic effect*.....'The Tale of the Dreaded Spring-Clean'.

Have I caught your attention?  Good.  Dramatic openings aside, spring-cleaning is no walk in the park and a nightmare for someone like me who has a tendency to be sentimental over the most pointless of items like the pair of flip flops I found hidden in my wardrobe and which hadn't been worn since summer 2007.  Simply put, the flip flops reminded me of an amazing holiday that I'd been on and despite the fact that they were slightly broken, I had held on to them all this time along with the memory.  The thing is, and this is what I discovered last weekend, my memory of that holiday can still exist without the flip flops sitting at the back of my closest, just like my memory of my best friend's eighteenth birthday party isn't dependent upon me keeping that one dress that I wore to it and haven't worn since.  I decided that I would much rather give the dress to a charity shop and know that it can help to create a new memory for someone else rather than hanging out in my closet and never getting to see the light of day!  The clearing out and fancying up of my room was a lengthy (and at times soul-destroying) process and I relied on A LOT of Taylor Swift's music to get me through it.  Probably too much.  I had 'Style' stuck in my head for five days straight after my spring-cleaning escapades, not that that's a bad thing.....although I'm not sure that it's a good thing either?  I don't know.

I can't deny the fact that I'm still a sentimental fiend and wasn't quite able to part with everything that probably could or should have been thrown out but I was probably the toughest I've ever been when spring-cleaning my room so yay me and fifty points to Gryffindor, or something like that anyway!

In truth, the best part of tidying out my room was being able to get some new bits for it and fix it up shabby chic-style, we're talking new bed sheets, a bed runner (didn't even know those were a thing until I bought a Kylie Minogue one in a sample sale for £2.50 reduced from £75. BARGAIN.), new cushions, candles, lights, lamps, photo frames, storage boxes and vases - there was no stopping me, I was a homeware buyng fiend and one that couldn't be stopped - feel free to check out the fiendish results in the photos below:

Glamour and Roald Dahl's 'The Twits' - best combo!

Note to self: do not try and drink tea out of these guys, could
be potentially catastrophic.

All my favourites.

No better storage box exists on this planet.
Tea cup lamp? Check.  Harry Potter storage box?  Check.  Clutter-free room?  CHECK.  Turns out spring-cleaning isn't so bad afterall, and as for the ending of 'The Tale of the Dreaded Spring Cleaning', well, let's just put it this way - I'm pretty sure that I'll be living clutter-free ever after.  The end.