Thursday, 29 December 2016

Hooked on SensatioNail

It's happened.  It was just a matter of time but it's happened.  I finally gave in and now own a gel nails kit courtesy of SensatioNail, a generous brother and a Black Friday dream of a deal from Boots.  As a result, I am now hooked on SensatioNail.  Completely and utterly hooked. 

As a nail-obsessive, I'd been debating for a while whether to go down the road of owning my very own gel nail kit or to carry on persevering with my standard, run-of-the-mill-can't-make-it-24-hours-without-chipping nail polish but most times decided against buying gel kits due to the costs involved.  This year though I did the maths (and finally understood why I worked so hard to get that GCSE A-grade in Maths.  Maths is important so you can calculate the value of owning your own gel nails kit vs. trips to the nail bar.  Thank you school education, you have treated me well.).  The maths told me that buying a gel nails kit was actually a sound investment due to not having to paint my nails as often because of the long-lasting nature of a gel manicure as well as not having to pay £20-£40 at a nail bar having someone else do my gel nails for me.  After this quick mathematical equation which looked a bit like the below, I came to the conclusion that a gel nails kit was most definitely needed:

If x + y = z then that means I MUST BUY A GEL NAIL KIT (ok, so it wasn't my adeptness at equations that earned me that A-grade in maths!)

After the maths came the research which all led me to a well-known (particularly amongst beauty-lovers) company called SensatioNail.  It seemed that SensatioNail was the way to go - good reviews, it was sold in Boots as well as online and there was a great range of nail polish colours and products. 

Then came Black Friday and the offer of the SensatioNail Limited Edition Ultimate Gel Starter Kit for £35 on Boots online which had been reduced from £80.  This resulted in some minor heart palpitations, although I had just had an espresso so I think that the caffeine should take some credit for that, however once the palpitations had ceased, I immediately whasapped my brother and asked for (or demanded, I can't quite remember?) the kit for my birthday.  It was one of those moments where when you know you know, you know?  I just had to have the kit and thankfully my brother kindly (and quite possibly because he feared the repercussions if he didn't yield) got me it and gave it to me upon the day of my birth. 

The gel nail kit of dreams!

The kit came with SO much including (as listed on the Boots website):

  • SensatioNail Pro 1530 LED lamp with mains adaptor
  • 2 colour polishes: Miss Behave & Going for the Rose Gold (3.69ml each)
  • Gel base/top coat (7.39ml), Gel Cleanser (27.2ml)
  • Gel Primer (3.54 ml), Polish to Gel (7.39ml)
  • mixing pot
  • removal tool
  • nail shields
  • manicure stick
  • buffer
  • lint free wipes.

  • Like I said, SO much! 

    The next thing I did was watch some YouTube gel nail tutorials and decided that I wanted to try out the chrome nail trend that everyone is falling head over heels for.   I bought some chrome powders from eBay, a no-wipe gel top coat from Amazon (only no-wipe gel top coats work otherwise the powder wipes off or loses the chrome effect) and a SensationNail gel polish in the shade Midnight Rendezvous (which is a black shade) as I needed a dark colour to achieve the mirror-like finish from the chrome powders.  The whole kit worked like a dream, it was easy and simple to use and the manicure stayed chip-free for the 2 weeks I had it on.  Check it out below: 

    Gel Chrome Nails
    I also found that SensatioNail themselves had some great videos on their website offering guidance and tips on how to use the SensatioNail products which I would thoroughly recommend checking out.

    I have since used my nail foils too which had been lying around in my nail art drawer for what had seemed like a lifetime and created an eye-catching gel nail design with them (click here to check out the tutorial video that I used for achieving a foil nail design for gel nails).

    Gel Foil Nails
    This gel nails starter kit is great for anyone who loves having stunning-looking and long-lasting painted nails and it has the added bonus of working out cheaper than regularly visiting a nail bar to get them done - plus, even if you were to pay the full £80, it still works out cheaper in the long-term (don't argue with me because, I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but one time I got an A-grade in maths.).  That being said, Boots currently have this kit back on offer at a reduced price of £40 so I would thoroughly recommend snapping this up before it sells out! 

    Have you used any SenatioNail products before?  Drop me a comment to let me know you're thoughts!   I'm already brainstorming NYE gel nail ideas as we speak so if you have any tips or useful gel nails advice then that would be greatly appreciated!