Wednesday, 19 August 2015

White Henna Exists. For Real.

Can we all just take a moment and acknowledge the fact that white henna exists. 

Now that we've all taken a moment, I shall wait, I'm going to need a little longer to fully take in this new nugget of information. 

First came the tan/brown henna then the evil/dangerous black henna and now the beautiful white henna.  Now, if you're thinking, 'white henna? Really?' with an edge of scepticism then feast your eyes on this stunning white henna (and nail art may I add!) courtesy of Reecey Roo's Instagram feed:

God Bless Reecey Roo's Nail Art Bar for this stunning white henna!
(Image via Reecey Roo's Instagram page)

Looks stunning, doesn't it?  Plus how perfect would this be for a wedding?  As someone who's fairly obsessed with henna (obsessed in a completely healthy way - see below pics for my henna love affair), white henna just seems to be the next step for me and I can't wait to try it out! 

This is a temporary henna tattoo transfer that I applied myself. 

I love my tiny henna temporary tattoo transfer which you can see on my
middle finger here.  Also, feel free to appreciate the nail art that I did which
featured real dried flowers!

Please ignore my slightly mannish hand and appreciate the  intricate henna design
here that I got from Pavan's henna bar in Selfridges last December.

Let me know what you think of white henna?  Have you tried it before?  Plus if anyone knows of anywhere that does great henna for a reasonable price (I've only ever had it done at Selfridges where it's quite pricey or used temporary tattoos) then please let me know?