Sunday, 11 October 2015

Another Day, Another Film Premiere

A bit late on this post so I do apologise most sincerely for my rude manors and beg you not to throw my apologetic self to the curb.  A couple of weeks ago, I managed to win some film premiere tickets to Ridley Scott's latest movie 'The Martian' thanks to Glamour (as in the magazine, just thought that I should make that clear in case you thought that I was claiming to having won the tickets due to being glamorous which would be a little bit obnoxious and, you know, also a lie).

Pretty Self-explanatory

My fate lied in the hands of the Glamour and Twitter gods as I simply and suavely (because I am both simple and suave) retweeted one of Glamour's tweets and calmly awaited the outcome of this simple and suave action which led to the below:
I should probably point out that I'm @amandalindseyb in the above list of winners (feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram if ya fancy it).  This outcome meant two delightful tickets to stare (in a completely non-creepy way) at Matt Damon's face both onscreen and in person.  Thank you Glamour and Twitter gods, I respect you both in equal measure and bow down to your supreme greatness.
Matt.  Damon.

Being the great flatmate/best friend that I am, I very kindly decided not to give the other ticket to my flatmate/best friend.  *Dramatic pause*.  Just kidding.  Of course I invited my flat mate/best friend, I'm not a monster, I was more just throwing in a dramatic plot twist to keep your attention but I can see now that that was cruel and so yet again, here I am apologising to you, I do hope you can forgive me?

Sean Bean, Kate Mara and Jeff Daniel looking
pretty happy here.

Now, I'm no amateur when it comes to attending a film premiere, I've been to two before and consider myself somewhat of a pro (no one can refute that.  You have NO proof that I am not a film premiere-attending pro.  Also, feel free to check out my previous film premiere post for Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy by clicking here.) however, I still get quite intimidated and paranoid that I'm going to trip over when walking down the red carpet despite the fact that no one is even registering my existence as I traipse down these red pathways as I am neither Matt Damon nor Kristen Wiig.  How unfortunate.  You'll be relieved to know that I did not trip over, unless you're still harbouring a grudge against me for being late with this blog post and then in that case I should think that you're slightly displeased that there was no tripping over involved.

Kritsen Wiig's facial expression in this photo is

Anyway, I digress (ALWAYS wanted to write that in a blog post.  Nailed it.), whilst strolling down the red carpet my friend and I bumped into someone that my friend knew who was working on the red carpet.  I won't lie to you, we felt pretty cool at this point until a rather intimidating security guard came along and told us that we couldn't stop on the red carpet to chat - apparently you can only do that if you're famous or something. 

These guys again.

Once seated inside the Odeon in Leicester Square we found our free 3D glassed (jackpot!) and our free popcorn which was the most disappointing-flavoured popcorn ever (sweet coconut and vanilla flavour?  Really?  REALLY?  In what world is that an acceptable flavour of popcorn?!).  After this slightly mundane discovery of an unpleasant popcorn flavour which was probably really interesting for you to read about, the cast came out on stage to introduce the movie and as we were seated in the second row, we had an amazing view of the entire film premiere-attending cast.

The whole, slightly blurry, gang.

I find it so bizarre that the genius that is Sir Ridley Scott was standing right infront of my face and, in all honesty, I was slightly disappointed that Sir Ridley didn't spot me in the audience and see some unearthed star potential in me and want to whisk me off to Hollywood to put me in movie that would go on to win me the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress (because I'm a beginner at this acting malarkey in this imaginary scenario, I would be part of an ensemble cast hence the award would be for Best Supporting Actress and not Best Actress).  Kristen Wiig, Jessica Chastain and Kate Mara all looked stunning and exuded glamour (this time I am not referring to the magazine but, in fact, Hollywood glamour.  Just thought that I should make that clear.).  Whilst Sean Bean, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jeff Daniels and Matt Damon (I really hope that every time I mention Matt Damon that you flashback to 'Team America: World Police'.  You know what I'm talking about.) looked just as stunning their female co-stars but in a slightly more masculine manner.

Sir Ridley Scott wearing a pretty swish scarf
and failing to notice my star potential.

As for the film, it was brilliant - intense, fun, dramatic and so many other superlatives.  I would wholeheartedly recommend it, Ridley Scott has not let himself down with this movie.  Plus, for any 'Community' and/or Childish Gambino fans, Donald Glover is also in the film and nearly steals the show in my opinion even though he wasn't at the film premiere which broke my heart a little bit but it's fine.  Totally fine.  I'm over it.  Who even is Donald Glover?  Exactly.  Also, I wrote that this 'Donald Glover', whoever he is, 'nearly steals the show' because essentially Matt Damon is about 75% of the movie so I'm not sure that it's possible to steal a movie from someone who makes up three quarters of the actual film.

What's everyone looking at?  Probably Matt Damon.
I seriously suggest that you go check this movie out which you may have already done seeing as the film has been out for a couple of weeks so, I, er, guess this whole blog post is actually pretty redundant now, what a shame.  Oh well, if you have seen the movie then feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you thought of it, you don't have to leave a comment though because you do have freewill and I respect that.