Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Girl Can Dream.............

So here's some of the latest nail art designs which I've been sporting lately:

I'm kind of loving the design in the last photo, it's what I have on my nails right now and someone (yes, it was a stranger but it's ok, she didn't offer me any candy) even asked to take a photo of them which I obviously said yes to because I'm pretty nice that way (unless you eat my last Mars Bar ice cream - do that & I WILL destroy you. Seriously.). So anyway, my nails are famous now...........well, sort of.....ok, so not really but a girl can dream, right?


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

London Fashion Week and Other Stuff!

A happy belated Valentine's Day and more importantly a happy belated Pancake Day to whoever is reading this!

I've been pretty busy of late - I've recently become a feature writer for a new online magazine ( - check it out!) so I had the launch party for that last Monday in Mayfair and from last Friday to Monday I was given the amazing opportunity to attend several fashion shows for London Fashion Week and write up reviews on the collections for the magazine.  I cannot tell you how excited I was about this and what an amazing time I had - plus it was such great experience which is always good!

I'm not going to lie, London Fashion Week was a great distraction to something which I'm pretty damn nervous about tomorrow (I may reveal all in my next blog post depending on the outcome......*oooooh how mysterious*).

In my last blog post I mentioned about getting my hair done at Bleach London in Topshop and all I can say is that I freakin' love my dip dye.  The only downside was that it took a fair while but that was expected as getting your hair coloured always takes ages, I just basically hate sitting still! Anyway, I went for a standard blonde dip dye as I figured it was easier to maintain as I wouldn't have to worry about getting the colour topped up (I'm all about saving the pennies!).

Also I'll post a pic of my latest nail art at some point this week so stay tuned for that! 

Time to finish this post as I'm watching The Brits and the ad break is about to finish! Raaaah!


Monday, 4 February 2013

Lex Luthor Seriously Needs to Chill Out

So, I'm pretty sure that I haven't written a post since late 2012, as in last year. OOPS! I take full ownership for that and have no acceptable excuse other than I've been crazy busy........and Lex Luthor keeps trying to thwart me. Ok so that last bit re Lex Luthor may not be true but the crazy busy bit is!

I have some cute Christmas nails that I did over the festive period for you to feast your beautiful, sparkly eyes upon (yes I am sucking up right now to make up for my absence. Whatevs.):

Plus these standard non-Christmas nail designs aren't bad either:

Not much to report on since my last post. I did make one of the biggest decisions of my life just before Christmas.................I decided to get my hair cut. Pretty big deal, eh? It wasn't even a big decision in that it took me about 5 minutes to decide to get it done whilst drinking a cup of tea and daydreaming whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing. My hair was in a rather bad state from a fair bit of bleaching on the ends (courtesy of DIY dip dyes) and was stained from having been dyed various shades of lavender, deep purple and bright pink so all the unpleasantness needed to be hacked off. So I now have short (ish) hair, although it's not so short now that it's grown a bit (because apparently that's what hair does - grow). My hair for the first time in about 7 years is completely natural in colour - no highlights, no dip dyes, no nothing - just 100% natural redhead. It felt weirdly liberating reverting back to my hair's natural colour and it was nice to know what my actual hair colour was, I mean, I knew I was a redhead, I just had no idea what shade of red I was. Turns out I'm a kind of deep auburn colour which I'm digging (yes, I did just say 'digging', this is the 90s, right?). However, I get bored easily and the time has come to say goodbye to my 100% naturally coloured hair and hello again to the dip dye experience, except this time I will be making no attempt to do it myself.......instead I've made an appointment to get it done at Bleach London which I've been desperate to do for AGES. Yes, it'll be pricey but I've saved up for it and it still works out cheaper than what my highlights used to cost me plus hopefully it won't take as long to grow out so I still have the option of reverting back to natural life again.

So that's it, London tomorrow for the dip dye and a casual persual of Topshop (well, I'm only human after all.................although try telling that to Lex Luthor, he seriously needs chill out).